Advanced Jelq

Many men claim they see quicker results when using the advanced jelq however it is essential that you only try this exercise only after you are familiar with the Basic Jelq.

Begin in the same manner as you did with the Basic Jelq technique. Only this time, apply some type of lubricant. Many men use baby oil or Vaseline but we recommend Enlast Oil. Do this for 15-20 minutes. Also, remember to start off with warming up. You are now ready for the Advanced Jelq session.

The Advanced Jelq is preformed in the same manner as the normal Jelq, only it should last longer, between 3-5 second on each one. After every 15 strokes, you should perform a PC Flex. This Procedure should be performed for 30 minutes. Since this exercise is more advanced, it is only need about 3-5 times each week. This procedure forces even more blood through the Corpora Cavernosa than the regular Jelqing technique, which enlarges the penis even more. Remember that this exercise is exactly the same as normal, but you go slower down the shaft and perform a PC Flex after every 15 strokes. Also, don't forget to cool down with a warm up technique to return the blood circulation to normal.

If it is hard for you to understand how to perform the exercise just by seeing this pictures, you can also see the video. If you experience small red bumps or slight bruising at the head of the penis don't be alarmed, is is normal. They will go away after the penis is more conditioned for the exercise. Start off at a slower pace and work up to a faster stroke to avoid bruising.