PC Flutter

The PC muscle is the one you flex when you have to pee and are trying not to. Next time you are urinating, try to stop in mid-flow without using your fingers. Please note that Kegel exercises are normally not done while urinating.

Regular exercise of the PC muscle has many benefits. It allows you to control when you will ejaculate, allows for harder and stronger erections, and also helps you well into later life by avoiding Incontinence, or the ability to control one's bodily fluids.

To begin the exercise, first locate the muscle if you have not already done so. Contract and retract the muscle quickly. Do 15-20. If you cannot gain control at first, imagine that you are
urinating and must stop midstream. Do this 15 times if possible. On the last contraction, hold it for 10 seconds. If you cannot hold it that long, it's okay. Most men cannot hold it for longer than 3 seconds at first. Eventually, you will be able to hold the contraction for as long as you would like. As you become better at this exercise, you will gain more control over your ejaculations and be able to hold off longer.

Refer to the photos above. This man has extreme control over his PC muscle. Notice how he moves his penis without the help of anything but the PC. After a few months of practice, you too should be able to do this. Download the video for a better view.