PC Long Squeeze

The PC muscle is the one you flex when you have to pee and are trying not to. Next time you are urinating, try to stop in mid-flow without using your fingers. Please note that Kegel exercises are normally not done while urinating.

Once you are warmed up, do about 10 normal flexes. On the 10th flex, hold it for a count of 25 seconds. Rest for a minute. Repeat the entire exercise 5 more times. This exercise will give you a harder erection and the stamina that you have always wanted. Don't forget that this exercise depends on you, be sure to stay with it and don't give up.

There really is no way to do this exercise wrong, as long as you can feel the muscle working. This exercise will help you to better control your ejaculations, allowing you to last longer than you could have ever imagined!

If the pictures are not relevant enough, you can download the video. However, if you follow the exercise description, there is no way to perform it wrong or to get any injury.