Testicle Massage

Many men look over the testicles and concentrate only on the penis. It is wise to allow some time for the massaging of the scrotum. Although the appearance of the testicles is not as important as that of the penis, the health of the testicles is extremely important. The health of the testicles allow for harder erections, increased ejaculations, and an increase in your sex drive. The health of the testicles will keep your penis in greater overall health and performance.

Start off as you do all exercises, with the Hot Cloth Warm Up. Wrap the entire package for 5 minutes. This will loosen the scrotum and make it more pliable. Coat the scrotum with a lubricant or baby oil, whichever is of your liking. Massage the entire scrotum for 5 minutes. Try to work around the testicles. You should not apply enough pressure to hurt yourself. Pain will only defer you from the exercise. Once finished, grab the testicles and move them around. Gently
pull them around the scrotum to different positions. Continue this for 2 minutes or so. Finish by gently massaging the entire scrotum and it's testicles. Continue for
1-2 minutes to return the circulation to normal. By doing this massaging technique, you will assist yourself in improving sperm count, increasing blood flow, and maintaining the overall well being of the testicles and the scrotum.

You may want to perform this exercise before going to bed at night, especially if trying to have a baby. This exercise will greatly increase the sperm count and allow for an easier conception. You can do this exercise as much as you would like, it will only help maintaining the health of the penis.